Poetry, Flash Fiction, Songs


I prefer plays to movies.
I prefer cypresses in Monterey.
I prefer parrots to dogs and
I prefer nights to sunny days.

I prefer myself helping people
to myself saving mankind.
I prefer books to computers
to learn and improve my mind.

I prefer the exceptions to the rules,
I prefer leaving early to working late.
I prefer avoiding doctors and dentists
and I much prefer love over hate.

I prefer the foolishness of poetry
to a world without verse.
I much prefer driving sports cars
to riding in a hearse.

I prefer the wisdom of winos
to the lies of televangelists.
I prefer the shaking of hands
to the shaking of fists.

I prefer having some doubts over certainty.
I prefer countries that dance and don’t invade.
I prefer the recipe for chaos instead of order
and I prefer flowers that thrive in the shade.

I prefer brown eyes since mine are blue.
I prefer green traffic lights over red.
I prefer many things not said here
to many things also left unsaid.

I prefer not to know the number of days left
or to know where and how.
But I do prefer a bit of notice
so that I can practice my final bow.


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