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My last magic trick

I wrote this poem as kind of a message about polluting the oceans! Dan WanderingAlbatross

My last magic trick

To become an albatross
had always seemed important.
There was only one choice,
the Wandering albatross
with the gift to soar above
the ships’ radar,
fly past the miles of net
and cross the littered oceans.

I felt called to a mission
to save someone
or to bring back a message,
some reason to be an albatross
other than just gliding for days.

I remember dropping the wand,
my wings couldn’t pick it up,
there was no changing back.

So now I circle the oceans
watching the ships below
patrolling the waves like robots.

They make such noise,
they belch and vomit.
It is no place for an albatross.
It is no place for one with royal wings
who knows how to ride the wind


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